Everyday Success Stories from my Clients:


Helen Phelan Pilates

Helen Phelan believes in a comprehensive approach to wellness. She specializes in athletic, technical, and physically challenging workouts with a creative twist. A former contemporary dancer, with a BFA in dance performance and choreography, and a BA in Psychology from Elon University, Helen first found Pilates as rehab for a performance injury. She writes: “Rachel helped me in countless ways to take my business to the next level- but most specifically with my visibility. I had been relying on just word of mouth and the quality of my services to speak for themselves, and Rachel helped me find a bigger reach and create an online presence that is impossible to miss. She helped me look at my website from the perspective of a client and design my site so that it is now as accessible as possible. I'm so excited to continue using the tools she gave me to stay organized and efficient, and am looking forward to checking in with her again in a few months to take my practice a step further and accomplish new goals!”

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Michael Kabram Acupuncture

Michael Kabram is a licensed Acupuncturist with a thriving practice in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Michael writes: "Working with Rachel has been such a game changer! As a healthcare professional dealing with the business side of things has always been quite dreadful for me. Rachel has completely changed the way I view this now. She has taken the overwhelming feelings I have been having, and through her attentive, present, and caring nature has given me clear cut steps to take that make things much more manageable. Rachel is someone who you can immediately tell when sitting across from her, that she truly cares about you, and your business, and wants nothing more than to see you succeed. She is amazing and I can not recommend her enough. I am so grateful and appreciative to have had the pleasure of meeting and working with her."  



The Marriage Restoration Project

Therapist Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin and his wife, Rivka Slatkin run the Marriage Restoration Project in Baltimore, Maryland. They write: “Rachel Beider walks her talk! Not only is the successful founder of Massage Williamsburg, she is a problem solving coach for businesses that want to scale beyond themselves with a unique ability to zoom in on unseen strengths which can be tapped into. After working with Rachel, we were able to identify never previously thought of scaling strategies which are taking us into the next quarter more poised for growth and success! Thank you Rachel!”

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Hoboken Therapeutic Massage 

Amanda Moore, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Hoboken Therapeutic Massage in NJ writes: "Over the last few years, Rachel has been a tremendous resource for me and my company as I went from being a sole practitioner to an employer of multiple therapists. This year, I am no longer doing hands-on work myself and am focusing on running the business. Rachel's insight and experience is invaluable when it comes to getting out of your own way. Each time I felt stuck or overwhelmed, I called Rachel! Each conversation we have offers fresh and relevant insights into my specific situation. I always come away with a concrete to-do list and plan of action to get me to the next phase. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to any new or growing business! "






The Wild kind Beauty

Tina Lowitt in NYC writes: "My boutique, The Wild Kind Beauty, is an empowering, private space in Clinton Hill dedicated to specializing in customized waxing, corrective skincare, & natural lash enhancement treatments. My mission is for each guest to leave the wild kind with not just the best, most fun, high-value treatment they've ever had, but more self-love and strength.

Working with Rachel has been so uplifting and fruitful. She is direct, resourceful, incredibly driven to provide direction and feedback, and probes and pushes you to think deeper. As the owner and sole esthetician of my own new private wax and skincare boutique, I feel even more focused and confident with Rachel as my consultant." 


Carmen Barcelona, LMT

Carmen Barcelona, LMT is the owner of Carmen Barcelona Bodywork and Massage Therapy in Miami, FL. She writes: "Rachel is a true gift!  She is an all around solid consultant who offers all her knowledge and is a tremendous resource.  It's rare for me to feel the sense of complete trust in a person's word as much as I do hers.  She's very frank, knowledgable and supportive. I look to her to streamline my thoughts and goals as I build my business and she never fails to amaze me with her breadth of knowledge and sound advice.  She has a genuine glowing personality and a great head on her shoulders.  

The development of my business is the work of my life and I believe Rachel is absolutely the best person to guide me towards achieving my goals. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to build their business!"

Milan B Client

Dandelion Massage

Milan Baudelaire, LMT is the proud owner of Dandelion Massage in Boston. She writes: "When I first reached out to Rachel, I was at rock bottom. I had been working at massage chain for too long, surrounded by bitter, angry massage therapists who felt trapped by career choice and circumstance. I wouldn't dare let them know that I had been trying to launch my own business for over a year, especially since I had nothing to show for it. When I finally decided to reach out to a coach for help, I had had ZERO bookings over the course of that year. I felt defeated and pathetic.

Between my first and second session with Rachel, I had several brand-new bookings and a magazine article written about my business! Rachel knows her stuff. The thing I like best about her is that she doesn't sugar-coat anything (you know how important this is if you've been asking your friends and family for feedback and been getting polite but ultimately unhelpful responses). Rachel will forever be my business guru!"

Wellness Business Consulting

Dr. Rachel Kozlowski

Dr. Rachel Kozlowski, PSYD is a clinical psychologist in NYC. She identifies as a psychodynamic psychotherapist but also utilizes cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques in her work, integrating solution-focused strategies with in-depth exploration for a comprehensive treatment. She writes: "Rachel endlessly impresses me with the depth and breadth of her business knowledge and the generosity and grace she utilizes when sharing it with others. She is incredibly thoughtful, committed, and wise. Rachel is extremely dedicated to helping others' businesses flourish, and I recommend her highly as a business consultant. She pushes her clients to push themselves, and provides pragmatic strategies that contribute to success." 

Rockwall Body and Soul Massage

Jeanna' Mead is a licensed massage therapist and the proud owner of Rockwall Body and Soul Massage in Texas. She writes: "Rachel Beider gave me clear step-by-step directions that made sense. She gave me courage to realize that my strengths and ideas were worthy, and that clients would come and pay for my services. Her marketing strategy and insight helped me redesign my website, boost my social media presence and increase my client base, all without spending a fortune or with losing my own sense of style. She's stayed in touch, applauding my successes, reading my blogs, encouraging me to take the next steps and live my dreams. Rachel is one of those extremely rare people that cares deeply about others-you're never just another number to her- you really matter and it shows in the way she runs her business."

Renee Kennedy Yoga

Renee Kennedy is an independent yoga teacher, offering in-home private sessions and corporate classes throughout NYC. She writes: "I can say with confidence that working with Rachel has been the catalyst needed to bring my business to the next level. Her years of success as a wellness entrepreneur have afforded her a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and she's eager and excited to share it with her clients. I walked away from our first session with the confidence to make vital changes in my business, and a clear list of action items to get started. Rachel's approach is warm and friendly so it feels like chatting with a friend, but she's not afraid to hold you accountable to your goals and get tangible results. I would recommend her consulting services to anyone ready to take the next step!"

Acupuncture Greenpoint

Alicia Genna is a NY state licensed acupuncturist with a blossoming practice in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and upstate New York. Alicia writes: "Rachel is an invaluable resource, a great wealth of genuine feedback and unique information, and a beacon of support and inspiration. If you’re taking your first baby steps into the world of entrepreneurship, as I am - dipping your toes into those uncharted waters, Rachel should be your guide. She will graciously lead you through your own journey, offering words of wisdom and accountability check-ups along the way. She is intelligent, virtuous, and committed to her work - ardently helping others as an extension of her own philosophy of abundance. I draw inspiration from her every day."

Max Lugavere Wellness Business Consulting

Max Lugavere

Max Lugavere is well known for his work as a science communicator, author, filmmaker and TV host. He has been featured on the Dr. Oz show and in many articles and podcasts. He is also a cognitive nutrition consultant who brings humor and insight to work with high performers on their health. He writes: "Rachel is an indispensable wealth of information that I trust. Within a day of working with her I completely revamped my web presence. Her guidance has been invaluable as a media entrepreneur."




Qiana Thompson Massage Wellness Business Consulting


Body Realm Center

Qiana Thompson is a San Francisco-based sports and orthopedic massage specialist and health educator, and the owner of Body Realm Center. She writes: "I've been running my solo practice for 5 years, and full time for 3 years. I knew it was time for me to grow and expand like I had always envisioned, but I didn't know how to go about it. I didn't know anyone who had attained what I was going for until I found Rachel. She was kind and open and even on our initial consultation, came with a list of useful knowledge to share. I not only found a great coach who knew where I wanted to go and had been through it herself, but knew the steps to help me get there. We've covered practical, attainable steps, incorporation, back end set-up and preparation to hire my first employee. I'm excited for what's to come, and confident that I have Rachel in my corner." 


Sandra Velandia Wellness Business Consulting

Sandra Velandia

Sandra Velandia is an NYC aesthetician with a thriving practice and celebrity following in NYC. She writes: "After being in business for two years which is a great accomplishment, I felt stuck with no idea on what to do, to grow my business, until I met Rachel! She was one of my highlights for 2016. I owned a small skincare studio and I was doing everything by myself; I was the owner, manager, receptionist, assistant and bookkeeper. You name it and I was doing it all, alone which was starting to take a toll on my body and mind. After meeting with Rachel she gave me the confidence to hire employees, which was a tremendous help, I was always afraid that I couldn't pay them but now I am forever thankful for all her help and knowledge. Its always wonderful to be guided by someone who's been in your place and her encouragement and advice keeps me motivated in moments when I feel stuck."

Whitney Scott Health for Wellness Business Consulting

Whitney Scott Health

Whitney Scott is a NYC based Holistic Health Coach. She writes: "Any new, small business owner will tell you 1. It's not easy or glamorous at first 2. They didn't do it alone 3. It's common to be overwhelmed or stuck on an obstacle with only one set of qualified eyes. My business is as a Holistic Health Coach. I love what I do, and have found my dream career in all of the different ways it can be applied. My experience during my consulting meeting with Rachel helped streamline my goals in steps that feel possible, and her encouragement and advice land to further drive those points home. She's speaking from her own knowledge, experiences, and is a naturally driven and curious person herself. Having her in my corner feels like a secret weapon I can use as a resource and cheerleader when I need it the most"

Aba Love Wellness Business Consulting

Aba Love Apothecary

Aba Gyepi-Garbrah is a NYC based Aromatherapist and Botanical Perfumist. She is the founder and creator of Aba Love Apothecary. She writes: "Before I had my first meeting with Rachel I was overwhelmed with how I wanted to express my talents through my business. At our first meeting, Rachel helped me to uncover simple, yet effective ways to increase awareness to my brand and expertise. She has a sensibility that invites the best out of you and is excellent at articulating your needs. Needless to say I left my first meeting I feeling inspired, supported and 110% in control of the new direction of my business. I am thrilled to have Rachel in my corner and my bet is that you will too!"


Hannah Weiss Midwife Wellness Business Consulting

Maiden Voyage Midwifery

Hannah Weiss is a Licensed Midwife in California, and the owner of Maiden Voyage Midwifery. She writes: "I first reached out to Rachel after a dear friend and colleague recommended her services.  Although my midwifery practice is steady and strong, I felt like I could be doing more to promote my business and brand.  Enter Rachel, with her savvy insight and brilliant business wisdom, we devised a plan of attack.  Search engine optimization tips, simple marketing strategy and a social media game plan were covered in our initial consult. With Rachel's guidance, I feel prepared, confident and in touch with my inner career compass. Thank you!"      







Kate Hutcheson

Kate Hutcheson is a NYC based holistic health coach specializing in working with clients dealing with anxiety. "I recently have been working with Rachel to launch my holistic nutrition and wellness coaching business at long last. Rachel was not only helpful with which steps to follow, a positive sounding board to bounce my ideas off of, but also the motivating support I needed to get moving forward. I highly recommend Rachel and her services, especially if you're needing that added accountability to truly get your business from simply an idea to a real thing!" 



Chrystal Hawthorne, LMT

Crystal Hawthorne is a NYC licensed massage therapist with a practice in Manhattan. She writes: "Rachel is amazing at what she does! She has helped me put my business on the map! I saw results immediately, people started to request my services as soon as I did what Rachel told me to do. It’s easier for people to find me now. They’re also more intrigued. I’m more organized, as well. She also encouraged me on a more personal level in giving me confidence in general, which I lack from time to time. That in turn helped me to have confidence in running my business."





Wellness Business Consulting Mark

Breezy Cleaning

Mark Palgy is the Founder and CEO of Breezy Cleaning, an NYC-based cleaning company offering fair wages, organic supplies, and specializing in the needs of the fast-paced Start Ups and Coworking Spaces. Our meetings focused on growth, planning, expansion, and business details. Mark writes: " Rachel was kind enough to talk me through a very rough time for my business. She was encouraging and positive and ended up being absolutely correct in her assessment of what I needed to do from there. I truly value her knowledge and wisdom."


Jessica Crow is a NYC based Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor, and LMT. She writes: "Working with Rachel as my business consultant has been a great experience. She’s helped me define my market and think in new, creative ways about marketing andadvertising, and she’s given me all kinds of insight and ideas that I never would have thought of on my own. She’s showed me how to organize and ration out my tasks so I don’t get overwhelmed. 
Having her advice and perspective is really changing the way I’m moving forward with my new corporate wellness business- I feel I’m now on a confident and steady path to success."







Wellness Business Consulting


Ingrid Birch is a medical doctor and professional nutritional consultant working in NYC. She writes: "Having a vision of the company you want to start is easy- laying down the groundwork for it is anything but. Thankfully Rachel was there to help me navigate through these daunting initial steps. From questions I had about how to build a client base to how to maximize website traffic, Rachel had all the answers (AND she was super sweet and supportive which made the process that much more enjoyable.) There's no doubt I will recommend her to any of my friends who plan on starting their own business!"



Wellness Business Consulting


Niko Papas is a local Licensed Massage Therapist in Williamsburg. He writes: "Rachel is one of those people that came to this world with a very distinct purpose.  The passion she has with wanting to help people become better versions of themselves is both motivating and admirable - and I just met her two weeks ago. Up until I met with Rachel for our first consultation,  I had only HEARD of her and the wonders she has been doing for our industry plus all the success which is remarkable in such a short amount of time. Most successful business people would be reluctant to share the secrets of their success and separate the bad choices from the good ones, not Rachel. She's honest and candid and has no problem sharing her opinion based on experience.  In the day and age of many social media tools and apps it was all very intimidating to me in diving into this world to help my business succeed, but Rachel has been there and tried that and has the numbers to prove it. Starting your own business is scary and takes guts, I'm so grateful to have Rachel in my corner cheering me on and truly helping and inspiring me. Thank you!!"

RUN Street, NYC

Marnie Kunz is an RRCA-certified Running Coach and the founder of RunStreet NYC. She writes: "I've spent years researching small business topics and talking to many people to get assistance with my business and Rachel was by far the most helpful and insightful! She came in and immediately addressed my main problem and offered me ideas to help catapult my business to the next level. I had been stuck at the same level for years and Rachel saw right away what the main issue was and had creative and innovative solutions. She gave me hope when I was starting to feel like there was none. Rachel's depth of entrepreneurial experience was a huge asset in helping find solutions, and her straight forward approach was a breath of fresh air in a world where business consultants can throw around a lot of jargon or demand signing up for courses or training that may not address my particular needs. Thanks to Rachel my business has steadily picked up and I will always be grateful to her for that. She helped me see the financial potential in my idea and believe in myself and my business. Rachel also offers ongoing support and is extremely accessible and responsive to any questions that arise along the way. I highly recommend Rachel as the best business consultant to guide you to business success."


Skin by molly

Molly Lamb is a licensed Esthetician with two thriving skincare practices in Brooklyn. She opened her first storefront with 4 treatment rooms, and recently opened her second location in DUMBO. Molly writes: "I first met Rachel Beider one and a half years ago, when I was starting my private practice as an esthetician in Brooklyn. She was warm, kind and very generous with sharing her profound knowledge of the wellness industry with me. When I started my business I had no idea what to do. She gave me so many helpful tips, such as how to make a website, how to add an online booking system, getting an app for my phone to collect payments, and placing a sign outside of the building. Starting a business is very overwhelming, and Rachel was so patient with explaining all the little details that are actually very important. It's clear that she has a passion for business and for helping people. I would recommend anyone to work with her. Rachel is so smart and savvy. She runs such a successful business herself anyone would be lucky to get advice from her. Plus she is a blast to be around!"



Church ave yoga and bodywork center

CAYBC is a yoga and bodywork center in Kensington, Brooklyn. Owned by Bob Doto, LMT and Yoga Teacher. Bob writes: "Although I had done a ton of research on my own, and spoken with a number of friends who had started small businesses, Rachel took her advice a step further and provided me with a detailed list of steps I should take. She followed up with my progress, and when in the beginning my to-do list was beginning to feel overwhelming, Rachel stepped in and kept me on track, asking me the right questions. In addition to being incredibly supportive and affirming of my decision to start a business, Rachel has been an incredible resource. To this day I continue to consult the notes I took."



glow east bay

Glow provides massage therapy and birth support to the community of East Bay in California. Owner, Sara Lyon writes: "Rachel’s patience and wisdom helped me grow my private massage practice to a team of 12 professionals working with a client base of 2500. We are about to open our second location! Rachel’s support empowered me to sustainably develop a solid brand and company culture. I’ve tapped her for advice on software solutions, web presence, legal incorporation, staff management and client policy issues. As my business has grown over the past 5 years, so has my relationship with Rachel. She’s been able to offer me appropriate feedback no matter what stage my business has been in and I will continue to utilize her as a consultant in the years to come. You will love working with Rachel, she’s got so much to offer."



Sparrow Salon

Sparrow Salon and Massage provides salon and spa services in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Owner, Ariel Sheldon writes: "I recently opened a salon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  I am a Massage Therapist and had worked for myself for years, but owning a salon with employees is very different from building a private practice. Rachel's advice was invaluable. She gave me quick, practical ways to get my website to the top of the google search page, and clear advice about hiring people, as well as a referral to a lawyer where I needed more specific expertise. When I finally took her advice about how to restructure my fledgeling business, I went from losing money to breaking even in a couple of weeks. Rachel is so friendly smart and giving of her knowledge and time that she is a pleasure to be with.  I have been very lucky to have her help and guidance."  


Edwin genece, LMT

Edwin Genece provides massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and wellness services in NYC. Edwin writes: "I cannot say enough about the great resource Rachel has been over the years. I have over 20 years experience as a LMT and business owner, and from the first day I met Rachel, she impressed me with her spirit and inspired me to refocus my energy to improve my practice. She is a generous and willing advisor, eager to share her considerable expertise about the massage and wellness business. She has helped me immensely by never hesitating to share tips from her experience, and encouraging me to move forward as an entrepreneur. I recommend Rachel to anyone starting a business, or seeking to grow their existing enterprise. She will definitely be an asset!"

dr garcia





Williamsburg therapy and wellness

Dr. Nerina Garcia is a licensed clinical psychologist and the owner of Williamsburg Therapy and Wellness. Dr. Garcia writes: "Rachel helped me grow my private practice after a single session. I enthusiastically recommend you seek her services and support if you are trying to set up or grow your health or wellness practice. Rachel gave me practical feedback about my website, marketing and SEO. After implementing her feedback I saw a substantial growth in calls from new clients. Many directly from free online marketing. I have shared her suggestions with colleagues and they have seen similar success."   

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