Rachel Beider on ABC News

Photo by Bebeto Matthews 

Photo by Bebeto Matthews 

Check out this awesome article about my business on ABC News!


"Business surged at Rachel Beider's two massage businesses in New York's borough of Brooklyn after President Donald Trump's inauguration, with revenue rising 50 percent that first week. Bookings have remained high and Beider, who has a total of 46 part-time massage therapists at Massage Williamsburg and Massage Greenpoint, needs four more to keep up. She's also hired a full-time receptionist.

Clients stressed about the political climate are making appointments in hopes that a massage will help them feel better, Beider says.

"Their anxiety is taking a physical toll on their health, manifesting as shoulder tension, neck pain, headaches, insomnia and jaw pain," Beider says.

Beider was surprised by the increase in her business.

"I wasn't expecting the volume or frequency of appointments — people are making more visits," she says."

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