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Photo by Ariana Prestes for Unsplash

Photo by Ariana Prestes for Unsplash

Start giving your gift *now*.

Not when you have more money. Not when you're more famous. Not when you have a "platform." Not when you have the perfect job. Not when you have a degree in it. Not when you lose the weight or look hot. Not when you've "healed." Not when you've taken the next workshop or training. Not when you've quit that thing you're addicted to for good. Not when your parents finally understand you, accept you unconditionally, and approve of your self-expression fully. Not when you've "discovered your purpose."

Start giving your gift now.

Not when you've "discovered your gift."

You already know what it is.

If it is connecting people, then start connecting people, now.

If it is loving people unconditionally, then start loving people unconditionally, now.

If it is cooking for people, then start cooking for people, now.

If it is sharing your insights via writing, then start sharing your insights, now.

If it is entertaining people with your singing, or your humor, or your acting, then start entertaining people, now. In your kitchen. In your friends' kitchens.

If it is helping people get through difficult times, then start helping people through difficult times, now.

If it is getting people more grounded in their bodies, then get people more grounded in their bodies, now.

If it is making people feel worthy, accepted, and loved, then make them feel worthy, accepted, and loved. At work. On the street. In the park.

The idea that you can start giving your gift "when something" is an illusion. The "when something" you are dreaming about will come, if it comes, when you start giving your gift. Now.

And it it doesn't come, that's fine too. Because you'll be giving your gift. And that is the greatest gift.

And if you really do need something in return, I'll just say, usually, great things, surprising things, come when you start giving your gift with no expectation of return.

So just start giving it. And be open to being surprised. Not surprised at how fast your previous daydreams come to fruition (though they might.)

But rather, surprised at how held you are, how appreciated you are, how supported you are, and how good it feels, all in ways you never expected, with people you never expected, once you start giving your gift freely and unapologetically, with no expectation of return.

Tag, you're it.

Your gift, that is.

You are your gift.

By Author: Michael Ellsberg

I don't want to brag, but April has been Amazing!!

I had such a fantastic experience joining Geoff Dawe for his Spa Talk at the Swedish Institute. I've never spoken in front of such a large, engaged, excited group of people. The majority of attendees were Swedish Institute students and alumni, as well as other wonderful teachers and Swedish Institute Faculty. I learned a key phrase from Geoff Dawe about positivity when engaging with clients. When asked about his day, Mr. Dawe responds with a devilish grin: "Well, I don't want to brag". This simple interaction speaks volumes to clients and is a memorable response. When we come to work as practitioners of whatever field we've chosen, it's so important to remember to leave our emotional baggage at the door. Clients always remember your services and how you've gone out of the way to make them feel happy and special. Leave clients feeling great about you, not stressing because you've had a bad day. Who knows, maybe your positive vibes will rub off!